Elephant? What elephant?

The Elephant in the Room
The struggle with purity, pornography and living for Jesus in a sex-saturated culture is a real issue for a huge percentage of Christians – both men and women.

The big problem is that sexual sin and brokenness creates such a sense of shame and isolation in our lives that we rarely talk about it openly.

It has become possibly the greatest “elephant in the room” within the church and within the lives of Christian men & women today.

Everyone knows it’s there! We’re all struggling with it. But we’re struggling with it alone and so we have no place of support or grace or understanding or hope that we can go to.

That’s what this website is.

A place where you can rest assured that you are not alone.

A place where the reality of this issue is acknowledged and brought into the light.

A place where you can access the many sources of support, advice, teaching and resources that we all need to win this battle and walk in the freedom, integrity and purity that God calls us into.


Simon Camilleri (Webmaster, Follower of Jesus and ex-porn addict)

If you want to learn more about my journey, go to “Simon’s Story“.